June Notes



As early as I could after the move, before we’d begun turning the back yard into a garden, I went out to the fence and planted peas. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been drowning in peas. My mid-morning and early afternoon snacks are handfuls of snow peas and they’ve been making their way into every dinner and leftover-lunch. I’ve also been harvesting gorgeous amethyst radishes and the contrast of neon purple and garden green in our dinners makes the meals even more delicious.

Most often, I’m quickly chopping a few cups of assorted vegetables and giving them a quick sauté with olive oil and salt and pepper. I tend to make this the main portion of my plate or add into whatever else I’m making. When they’re this super fresh, vegetables are irresistible and don’t need much in the way of flavor add-ins. The season of eating what’s abundant from the garden is truly upon us and I’m excited to share more recipes with local and homegrown flavors soon!

I’ve also been continuing the work of rewriting old scripts with the help of a few short reads and podcasts. They are ones I’ve listened to and read multiple times these last few weeks. I’m finding these seasonal reading and recipe shares are good places to drop my thoughts, and I often come back to them later for fresh re-inspiration. Enjoy!


Totally Obsessed With:

Greg Faxon’s Interview on Running On Om: This podcast episode is absolute gold. The best thing I took from it is the practice of having high intention and low attachment.

Mantra: You can do hard things.

Oatmeal with fennel seeds and (fresh) apricots. It’s a thing. Try it.

Lindsey’s cookbook, Chickpea Flour Does it All. I’m basically making variations of her spring recipes non-stop.


In Season: Peas + Strawberries

Rustic Indian Samosa Pie with Cilantro-Mint Chutney

Quinoa, Avocado, Peas + Pistachio Salad

Strawberry Tabbouleh

Strawberry, Asparagus + Radish Flatbread

Strawberry + Basil Bruschetta



The Magic Zone.

The Power of Narratives.

You Don’t Have to Believe What You Think.

Why Supplements aren’t the Same as Foods.

Five questions to ask yourself about your relationship with food.

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