Nutrition Consultations

As a board-certified clinical nutritionist with a specialization in integrative nutrition, my approach is to look at the whole body and system, beginning with listening to your unique health story.

We will create a custom and individualized care plan that is specific for you and fits into your lifestyle. Whether you are wanting to resolve a particular health issue or are ready to optimize your athletic activity through nutrition, I’m here to support you. Conditions I often work with include all digestive health imbalances and disorders, meeting needs of endurance athletes, vegan/vegetarian diets, intuitive eating, and autoimmune disorders.

Schedule a session with me

As of Fall 2022, I am transitioning to providing comprehensive individualized nutrition sessions through Hope Wellness and currently offer a free strategy session / mini consultation if you’d like to learn more. 
I now see all clients, both local and distance, via telehealth. You can schedule a consultation here.

(541) 357-9172
Eugene, Oregon 97405