Nutrition and Herbal Topics

Digestive Health 
“Normal” Habits that Cause Poor Digestion
Four Types of Digestion: Which Do You Have?
What Does Healthy Digestion Look Like?
Making Beans More Digestible
Taking Care of Digestion During the Holidays and Beyond: Snacks Edition
A Simple Digestive Trick When You’re Struggling
What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Digestion?
An Especially Important, and Often Overlooked, Key to Better Digestion
What Probiotics, Gut Microbes, and Dysbiosis Have to Do With It
Fire and Battle in the Gut — The Immune Response and Your Long List of Foods that Cause Reactions
Connecting the Gut and the Nervous System
Tips for Cooking Beans for Better Digestion
Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity and Wheat Allergies
Ingredients and Meals to Optimize Digestion
Gut Health and Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough 
Digestive Health and Strawberry Cardamom Lassi
Three Tips for Optimal Gut Health

Balanced Eating + Eating with the Seasons
“Healthy” versus Healthy For You
Transitioning Your Eating Into Spring
Eating to Balance Digestive Health in the Summer
What Does a Balanced Meal Look Like?
‘Bitter’ Spring Tonics for Optimal Digestion
The Six Tastes for Balanced Meals and Digestion
What Exactly is Intuitive Eating? Intuition vs. Cravings

Sports Nutrition
Optimal Detoxification + Supporting Athletic Goals with Nutrition
Iron Deficiency and the Athlete, Part II
Knowing When (and how much) Salt to Consume
Experiencing Fatigue and Poor Exercise Recovery?
Are You Eating Enough For Your Activity Level, Part II
Iron and the Athlete: Considerations for Intake and Absorption
Training the Gut for and during Long Runs and Endurance Sports
What is Leaky Gut and What Does it Have to Do With Your GI Symptoms, Athletic Performance and Long-term Food Intolerances?
GI Upset, Carnival Belly, and Running 
Are You Eating Enough For Your Activity Level?, Part I
Protein Needs for Vegan Athletes
Getting the Right Balance of the Essential Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids
Performance Meal Planning with Potatoes

Healing Journey
The Time that Healing Takes
Barriers to Healing: Attachment to and Ownership of Our Struggles
Restrictive Diets, Eating Disorder Recovery and Intuitive Eating
Stressing about eating the “right” kinds of foods and nourishing the body

Nutritional Cooking Tips
GUTSy Performance Nutrition Gift Guide
Antioxidants and Eating The Rainbow
A Primer on Cooking with Fats and Oils
Ayurvedic Kitchari
Rhubarb + Ginger Shrub (Drinking Vinegar)
Healing Mineral Broth

Herbal Allies
Nettles + Rose Herbal Tea
Herbal Allies // Benefits of Cacao, Maca, and Siberian Ginseng for People on the Go
Herbal Allies // Marshmallow Root for Digestive Health
Herbal Allies // Lavender for Nervous Tension and Anxiety
Upgrading Meals with Seeds + Flowers
Nutrients and Herbs in Times of Stress
Herbs for Calm and Stress Support
Herbal Allies // Ginger, Licorice and Chamomile
Herbal Allies // Turmeric

Immune / Micronutrients / Other Nutrition Topics
Supporting the Body and Immune System During Times of High Stress
Selenium and Brazil Nuts for Immune Health, Thyroid Function, Autoimmune and More
Nutrition and Herbal Allies for Immune Support
Dietary Oxalates, Calcium Metabolism and Kidney Stones
Sugar and its effect on the body
Phytates and Mineral Absorption