Early-Autumn Notes



After the blast of heat that lasted most of the summer round these parts, these early autumn sun-and-rain days are a welcome relief. My garden is still going strong with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and summer herbs, but the fall crops, (fennel! parsnips! celeriac!) are also starting to grow more vigorously as the weather cools. My favorite old-timer apple man is back at the market with his tasting knife and stories about each heirloom variety, the students are back in this college town, and we’re full on into football season. Much is happening and I can’t wait to share updates as more foundations are laid. For now, there are links that I’ve been collecting for weeks. They are good ones and worth reading, listening to, eating, and sharing. Enjoy!



Getting comfortable with the mystery = my current life goal.

I’ve been receiving Taylor and Dorothy’s Good Food Jobs newsletters for years. Each week, they offer an insightful message that usually hits me right where I’m at in the process of life. No need to be searching for a job, or even care particularly about good food to gain from their wise words. One of my recent favorites has some great parting thoughts: May you experience the intensity of both pleasure and pain, surrounded by a community of people that understand and support you.

Many of us who work on a farm choose an agricultural career not because we want to hit the dirt with hoes, but because we love to eat amazing food.- A lovely and brief discussion on vegetable biodiversity from one of my favorite farms.

Marian Nestle is my favorite guru in all things food politics. She has been sharing about industry-funded studies for a number of months now, and finally came across a couple studies that do not favor the sponsors’ interests. This is a controversial topic in the nutrition science realm, and one that is not likely to be going away.

A SUPER interesting article on the gut microbiome’s role in mental disorders, and the idea that introducing a pathological bacterium into the gut will cause a change in behavior. Fascinating area of research!

Another (v interesting) microbiome article.



Listening to:

One of the best podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently on running and owning your journey.

My very favorite Rich Roll Podcast episode so far. I have never struggled with alcohol, and I still resonated greatly with his story, particularly in his description of how easily one can relapse into old self-sabotaging patterns, as if with a snap of the fingers, all the hard work can come undone instantly.

Bressie (an Irish musician and former rugby player), who I stupidly opted not to go see when he was playing in the UCD pub while on study abroad, gave a great talk (and an entertaining one too!) about his mental health challenges and the shame/hidden nature of it. His book about “Jeffrey” is now out and I cannot wait to read it.



Chermoula Eggplant with Middle-Eastern Millet Salad from Jerusalem

Mung Bean Stew on a Budget

Late-Summer Abundance Bowl

Asian Tacos with Hoisin Slaw from The Sprouted Kitchen

Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad + Herby Black Quinoa

Soba Noodles with Eggplant + Mango from Plenty

Eggplant + Sweet Potato Curry

Two-Tone Zucchini Bread with Fennel + Pistachios

Apple + Oat Scones from Green Kitchen Travels

Apricot + Pistachio Granola from Whole-Grain Mornings

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