May Notes

A short collection of bits and bobs from the past month.



Mexican Breakfast Salad (but not necessarily for breakfast)

Dried Plum + Millet Tabbouleh

Marrakesh Salad

Rainbow Salad

Laura’s Falafel (the best falafel!)

Beets, Tahini, Flatbread + Lentils

Rhubarb & Rose Cake (coming soon!)


Short Reads:

How to Be a Poet (or just good life advice) by Wendell Barry

Healing and the Practice of Non-Harming

The Long Row (sometimes you have to look at how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go)

5k vs. The Marathon – One of these days I know I’m going to be injury-free long enough to run a marathon. In the meantime, I have a special place in my heart for the 5k, mostly because there’s something absolutely cleansing about pushing to the point of the pain that sears your insides.

& Rebekakah – I have the bestest best friend. I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her friendship all these years (20+ but we’re not sure). She shared a little about our friendship on her blog.

Thankfulness Brings Increase – This was my New Year’s Resolution, and oddly enough it was just the resolution I needed this year.


Longer Reads:

Lentil Underground by Liz Carlisle: I had the opportunity to listen to Liz and farmer Dave speak to a group of crops and horticulture students, faculty, and community members at OSU a couple months ago. Their talk was on the nitty gritty production-side details of growing lentils and farming sustainably in a wheat-dominant region. The book is far less technical and intended for a more generalist audience. It’s a great read, especially for those who are interested in food systems and production.


Listening To:

Pure Green Podcast with Tara O’Brady – Tara has a lot to say about good cooking, making eating well an extension of what you’re already doing, using sensory cues, becoming a cook vs. learning to cook, finding your flavors rather than following trends, and ultimately, “no one is born a great cook. you may have good instincts but it takes time”.

The Ruminant Podcast with Steve Solomon on soil nutrients and intelligent gardening: Jordan is a small market farmer in British Columbia with an excellent farming podcast. In this episode, he had Steve Solomon, the founder of Territorial Seed Company and author to the many-editioned Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, on for a chat. Steve has so much knowledge of soil nutrient and microbe interactions after a lifetime of experimentation, and I always find myself wishing I could take his wisdom and dump it all into my brain.

This playlist, made up of mostly christian artists/songs is the one that I’ve had on repeat the last several months.

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