Spring Favorites

Influence. We are all influenced.

I find the best sources for books to read, meals to eat, and self improvement come from learning what someone who inspires me is enjoying. So in light of sharing, here are a few of my current favorites:


Quick Reads:

Chasing goals + setbacks, the sun still pulls the planets

On happiness and what really matters

Lauren’s advice to ladies in their twenties

How you do anything is how you do everything

Happy wounds

Small Steps, Bravery + Creativity, an email that finds me exactly where I’m at right now



The Art of Work, Jeff Goins — Jeff has a lot to say about the work of finding your calling, confirming the idea that you don’t just know, and for the ones who’ve “made it”, the getting there did not simply happen. Work.

Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford — On the top of my list of essential reading. I’ve been reading random chapters and sections continuously since 2009, and finally sat down and read it cover to cover last year. Having been done, I’ve picked it back up as before, using it as a reference almost weekly.


Listening to:

Pure Green Podcast

Beards + Flannel



Chopped Kale Salad with Edamame + Roots

Strawberry Asparagus Buckwheat Salad

Flavour Bomb Greens N’ Noodles, one of the ways I use up all the spring radish + turnip tops

Radish + Pecan Grain Salad

Quinoa + Chorizo Salad, updated for spring

Spring Pizza, a gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free version that came out so different and delicious that I may share it soon.

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