Banana Berry Sorbet –And a Valentine

Some days life gets tough and you keep on going.  Some days stretch into weeks, and then months, and all of a sudden a year has passed and it still feels that life is tossing you around as it will.  Or that’s how it seems to me, at least.  When I take time to reflect on all that is challenging, and then take into consideration the good experiences too (because there truly has been an abundance of those in the past year), I realize how important it for to me to have that special someone who will listen to my woes and worries, who will make me laugh when I am sad–who is understanding and insightful day after day.

As this Valentine’s day approaches–a day I genuinely used to hate and now attempt to mostly ignore–I realize that the commercialization of a feeling is not important.  It’s celebrating the feeling that matters.  W and I have a philosophy that each and every day should be treated like a special Valentine’s day.  Each day we should show each other we care.  Like taking special moments to walk together in the woods, to take photos of waterfalls, watch the sunlight on the trees, and to cuddle when shivering cold.

To make dinner together in the evenings, go picnicking at the beach, or share a cup of tea and conversation.

Or to go foraging for wild berries and then proceed to make berry pies, tarts, and crumbles, breakfast parfaits and this, banana berry sorbet, for months, and then still have berries left for later use.  If we’re lucky, we may stretch them until it’s picking season again.  That I think, is really celebrating Valentine’s day.  Or at least, celebrating love the way one should.

Banana Berry Sorbet, serves 2
3 bananas, frozen
1 cup frozen blackberries 
Break bananas into small pieces and puree with berries in a food processor until smooth and combined.  Serve immediately or set in freezer to become just a touch thicker in consistency.   Share with someone you love!

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