Summer. Waffles. A Sourdough Pot.

It seems summer hardly arrived and now it’s over. I mean Summer, not as a season, but as a time period. Sadly, these last three months have spiraled onward without abandon and I haven’t had the time to actually enjoy them. Our summer kicked off with our beautiful wedding and then, just when I thought I would finally have some time to relax, kick my toes in the sand, enjoy an al fresco dinner party with friends, and perhaps begin writing thank you’s, I was asked to work like crazy teaching students and building greenhouses and gardens, working with volunteers and watering our lovely plants.

I finally believed I was in the home stretch at the beginning of August, when my two jobs would become one and relaxation could come to fruition. The last couple weeks have proven I am wrong again, as a job opportunity I couldn’t resist was proffered, my brother and his lovely wife were married, and I moved and began working. To our dismay, my dear W has not yet joined me; it’s happened so rapidly. Whew! I’ve landed in a new spot and it’s been a whirlwind. Throughout it all, I’ve so wanted to come to this space, my Eggplant & Olive, and muse about food and life experiences. Ashamedly, I haven’t allowed myself the opportunity to do so in such a long while.

Though we had a garden that we sadly had to abandon just as the tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, and yes, eggplants were ripening, and I’ve been offered fresh local produce every time I glance at a new person, I’m not here today to banter on about vegetables. I know I usually do. Though my dear healthy produce is usually just the ticket in times of stress, I’ve lately been in need of a more common type of comfort food. While I work with what current events are hurled my way, I am blessed with a friend and her recent love of sourdough. She gave us a sourdough pot for our wedding. Another family friend gave us a waffle iron. Though I haven’t been around to animate on about it, I’ve been making waffles like a fanatic this summer. (I even have pictures to prove it!) And though I hadn’t perfected the recipe I wanted to share for gluten- and now dairy-free waffles, I hypothesize this new addition of sourdough may be just the ticket. So much so, that I’m going to post the before I have the opportunity to combine the two!

Summer marches on my friends, and it’s vegetables and waffles from here on into the foreseeable future! I’ll be back soon as I can to actually include a recipe. In the meantime, my new adventure more students, my very own classroom, and as those things go, more plants!