Nutrition Consultations

As a board-certified clinical nutritionist with a specialization in integrative nutrition, my approach is to look at the whole body and system, beginning with listening to your unique health story. I am credentialed and licensed to provide both Medical Nutrition Therapy for specific medical conditions, as well as nutrition coaching and support for a balanced lifestyle and preventative care. 

We will create a custom and individualized care plan that is specific for you and fits into your lifestyle. This can include meal guidance, custom meal planning and recipes, a personal pantry clean out, grocery store guide / what to look and shop for, laboratory analysis, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, and lifestyle suggestions to support balanced health. For athletes, this may include specific nutritional strategies to prepare you for your event or training and competition season. 

Whether you are wanting to resolve a particular health issue or are ready to optimize your athletic activity through nutrition, I’m here to support you. Conditions I often work with include all digestive health imbalances and disorders, meeting nutritional needs of endurance athletes, vegan/vegetarian diets, intuitive eating, and autoimmune disorders.

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As of Fall 2022, I have transitioned to providing comprehensive individualized nutrition sessions and nutrition coaching through Hope Wellness Nutrition, where I now provide nutrition clients with even more comprehensive support. I’d love to chat with you during a free strategy session / mini consultation if you’d like to learn more. 
I see all clients, both local and distance, via telehealth. You can schedule a consultation here.

(541) 357-9172
Eugene, Oregon 97405


“Rebecca is absolutely amazing. She has changed the quality of my life! She is the only person who ever took the time to get to the bottom of my fatigue and allergies. I can’t recommend her enough.”
– Happy Client

“After years of being tired and my body confusing me with intolerances, inconsistent labs, and unpredictable digestion, I reached out to Rebecca for guidance. I have improved my digestion and have more confidence in my body. Rebecca is very knowledgeable about how women’s bodies react to physical and mental stress. I appreciate how patient Rebecca is at fine-tuning nutrition, and offers a lot of support surrounding the emotional side of eating. Rebecca has vast knowledge in nutrition and wellbeing. Her gentle guidance and advice are exceptional.” – K.C.

“Food digestion is really hard for runners and it’s something I struggled with for a long time. Rebecca has helped heal my gut tremendously. You really need to understand the source of the problem rather than simply treat it.”
– Healthy Client