What’s Blossoming?

It seems much has been happening in life.  I went from a few months where I questioned daily my place in the world, where I had hours to reflect, ponder my needs, desires, and motive–where I simply wanted only to get out there and create, to do anything–everything!  And now, what I would give for a few days of solace and peace and stillness in my heart to let my thoughts blossom.

At the end of the day, I feel my wishes and dreams are like bitty spring buds, attempting to break through the cold, damp medium of this slow spring.

Foremost in my heart is the desire to find the job–the one I truly love, and to feel like I’ve found my place in the world where I can call mine.  I realize at this time in our society, merely having a job can seem like an accomplishment.  But for me, the girl who had always been so clear in what I wanted, loving every moment of my work is essential.

Another blossom slowly sprouting upwards is that of my lovely William.  Our new life together.  I say new in that I feel our relationship is merely in its infancy.  We’ve only known each other (almost) two years–and yet it is so clear in my mind that I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with him.  Every moment we don’t see eye to eye is time I frustratingly wish we could take back and replace with treasured snachets of whimsy.

I have one more snippet of blossoming spring to share and these are perhaps more dear only because they are tangible and a sign of warmer days to come–basil babies.  I must admit I’ve watched them grow with such anticipation that they practically each have names!  Perhaps this is what happens when they are given such pampered beginnings–placed right on top of the heater, in the windowsill, with full blasts of springtime sunshine, without a care for the bitter wind and rain!

And yet–this is how we all should be, slowly springing upwards always–never a thought for life’s adversities, not a doubt that all will always be exactly as it was meant.

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