Irish Traditions. Vacation. Ending and a Beginning.

With March, came a beginning and an end.  I completed my student teaching experience.  The students created a scrapbook for me, and wrote poems.  It was a time of laughing.  Of crying.  Of cheering them on, and letting them go.

It also marked the beginning.   A break from teaching.  A chance to reevaluate where I am and where I want to go.  And it involved a vacation in Central Oregon

Since March was busy, I was also late in enjoying the traditional Irish festivities during St. Patrick’s day.  Thankfully, I still got to enjoy them, by making a traditional Irish Colcannon. Complete with barbequed pork loin, and carrots. 

William was my master barbeque man.

The following morning, we used the leftovers to make fried-colcannon patties. Which turned out to be nearly as delicious as the original from the evening before.

All in all.  This meal was worth the wait.

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