On Gingerbread

There is something about a gingerbread house that brings me back to my childhood. I am reminded of Hansel and Gretel, one of my favorite Christmas stories. 

Snowy white frosting, a colorful array of splendid candies, and gingerbread.  With extra molasses.  This is my idea of childhood at its best.
Despite the allure of this beautiful delight, I have never made a gingerbread house prior to the Christmas.  I have always wanted to, and somehow as the season draws near, I become busy and daunted by the work.
This year, however, is different.  I flew to Boston at the beginning of winter break to see Kaitlin.  Her family has a tradition of creating a gingerbread structure each year.  Listening to their plans led me to finally make the decision.  I was going to do it.

Because I had help.  William came home with me to visit, and due to his superior measuring and mathematical skills, I employed him right away.  He did all the hard work of making the gingerbread house patterns.
Next we baked the gingerbread, and put together the frame.  Mounds of thick, royal icing.
And then the real decorating began.


And then it was done.
 The only thing left to do was sit back and enjoy the view.  
           And go read Hansel and Gretel again.


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